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Appied Curiosity

Discover how to harness curiosity to benefit individuals and teams.

Class Description

Learning Outcomes

Curiosity is one of the greatest tools that individuals and teams can utilize in the workplace. The drive to learn and know more is innately human – and when applied correctly, you can put its power to work to increase your impact.


In this course, participants will discover how curiosity works, how it applies at work, and how they can harness their own curiosity to level up their skills within the organization.

The Role of Curiosity at Work

Understand how curiosity works and why it matters

Asking the Right Questions

Learn how to ask great questions that uncover meaningful insights

Building a Culture of Curiosity

Practice behaviors and form habits to increase your curiosity

Online Class


3 weeks


3-4 hours per week

including one 2.5-hour class per week


3 online instructor-led cohort teaching/coaching sessions, and weekly self-paced online content and practice assignments

In-Person Workshop


Scalable, .5 to 1.5 days


Up to 12 hours



1 in-person, instructor-led course


Don’t keep it to yourself!  To help you show off your new skills, you’ll receive the Creative Thinker certificate, which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn – and a good old (virtual) high five.




High Five

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