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Creative Thinking Skills

Tap into your creative potential for finding fresh solutions in the workplace

Class Description

The pace of change is faster than ever. And to meet new challenges, you’ll need to tap into your creative skillset like never before! That’s where Creative Thinking Skills comes in. Whether you’re more creative or analytical, this course will teach you practical ways to unlock your potential. 

In this fun, engaging class, you’ll learn tools and methodologies to think divergently to explore different kinds of solutions — and, ultimately to create bigger and better outcomes for your projects. Attendees will focus on a current, early-stage project or upcoming challenge to apply what they learn to real-world challenges.

Learning Outcomes

The Innovator's Mindset

Frameworks for making new connections

Starting Projects Effectively

A new approach for setting your mission - defining roles or outcomes

Divergent Thinking

Exploring problems broadly to create possibilities that lead to better solutions

Visual Thinking + Visual Storytelling

Bringing ideas to life with simple visualization techniques that connect to your audience

Online Class


5 weeks


3-4 hours per week

including a 2 hour class, once per week


5 online instructor-led cohort teaching/coaching session, and weekly self-paced online content and practice assignments

In-Person Workshop


1.5 days


12 hours

1 time


1 In-Person, instructor-led course


Don’t keep it to yourself!  To help you show off your new skills, you’ll receive the Creative Thinker certificate, which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn – and a good old (virtual) high five.


High Five

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