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Designer's Mindset

Think like a designer, no matter your background.

Class Description

Learning Outcomes

Approaching problem-solving from a fresh perspective is more critical than ever. Terms like “Design Thinking” and “Human-Centered Design” have been floating around the business world with little to no grounding. Take the “buzz” out of the buzzwords to understand how these principles can apply to non-designer work environments.

In this course, we will differentiate between a designer’s process and mindset to help participants shift from knowledge to action. By learning about empathy, Design Thinking, and Human-Centered Design, participants will better understand how to create products, services, and experiences that truly satisfy people’s needs.

The Impact of Design

Understand what a Designer’s Mindset is and why it matters

Intro to Design Thinking +
Human-Centered Desiign

Break down Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design; Where they overlap and how they are different

Activiating Ideation

Cultivate ideas into concepts that you can test and learn from

Connect the Dots

Practice staying “people first” throughout the whole process

Online Class


5 weeks


3 hours per week

including one 2-hour class per week


5 online instructor-led cohort teaching/coaching sessions, and weekly self-paced online content and practice assignments

In-Person Workshop


Scalable, .5 to 1.5 days


Up to 12 hours



1 in-person, instructor-led course


Don’t keep it to yourself!  To help you show off your new skills, you’ll receive the Creative Thinker certificate, which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn – and a good old (virtual) high five.




High Five

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