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We are Project Bonfire

We lead training and workshops for organizations to develop their culture of innovation and for teams to build their capacity for creativity, collaboration, & impact.

Born from Experience

Project Bonfire was born out of IN2 Innovation, an innovation design agency, and our training content comes directly from our practice in creating effortless experiences. In our courses and workshops, we'll share tried and true techniques for creating award-winning products and services. That's what makes us different, and it's how our perspective stays fresh.

Our methods come straight from our professional lives as practicing innovators, strategists, designers, and developers. We’ll teach you the tools and techniques we use to systematically and consistently produce our magic!

  • IN2 Innovation is an award-winning experience innovation design agency that partners with companies to create effortless experiences through new physical and digital products and services.

  • Project Bonfire is an educational venture from IN2 Innovation, that focuses on corporate training that teaches teams how to work more creatively, collaboratively, and successfully.

We believe...

... that upskilling the workforce is critical to a company’s continued growth and success.

... People need tools to think differently and communicate better to tackle new challenges in an ever-changing world.

... The best learning comes through real-world application. Less talking and more doing.

... Training should be fun and interactive – and relevant to your job and your organization.

... In a lot fewer presentations and a lot more collaboration.

Meet our Leadership

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