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Strategic Foundations of Innovation

Successfully lead your teams through the process of innovation. 

Class Description

Learning Outcomes

Professionals at all levels are responsible for innovation - and almost no one ever tells you how to do it. In this course, learn the dynamics of innovation, the factors that determine its success, and ultimately, how to lead your team to deliver more value.  

This course equips leaders at all levels with innovation fundamentals, empowering them to convert strategic plans into executable approaches. Guide your team on the innovation journey to identify opportunity spaces and turn good ideas into practical and innovative solutions.

Innovation DNA

Simple, powerful frameworks for approaching and analyzing new opportunities

Levels of Innovation

Learn about and identify the shapes and sizes innovation comes in. Depending on the need, it's going to look different.

The Innovation Process

Understand IN2's step by step approach to innovation and how you can employ similar techniques for your teams. 

Online Class


5 weeks


3-4 hours per week

including one 2-hour class per week


5 online instructor-led cohort teaching/coaching sessions, and weekly self-paced online content and practice assignments

In-Person Workshop


Scalable, .5 to 1.5 days


Up to 12 hours



1 in-person, instructor-led course


Let the world know you achieved something great! To help you show off your new skills, you’ll receive The Innovator’s Journey Certificate, which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn – and a good old (virtual) high five.




High Five

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