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Classes + Workshops

Online & In-Person training courses to activate your team’s potential for creativity, innovation, storytelling, and more.

Fan Favorites

Trainings: Services

Data-Driven Storytelling

Tell data-rich stories to move the needle at work.


The Innovator's Journey

Build your innovation toolkit and set projects up for success.


Strategic Foundations of Innovation

Successfully lead your teams through the process of innovation. 


Applied Curiosity

Discover how you can use curiosity to make a big splash in business.


Influential Storytelling

Learn and practice using storytelling techniques to drive decision-making. 


Impactful Storytelling for Leaders

Learn to lead with storytelling that inspires change.


Creative Thinking Skills

Tap into your creative potential for finding fresh solutions in the workplace.


Designer's Mindset

Think like a designer, no matter your background.

Other topics we offer...

Leading Creative Teams

Journey Mapping that Matters

Connecting with the IoT

The Experience Revolution

Visual Design + Impactful Presentations

Manufacturing Do's + Don'ts

Design Thinking + Doing

Understanding User Experience

Service Design Secrets

Need training on something else?


We offer standard and customized courses with fixed and flexible pricing options.

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