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Learning should be fun.

And engaging, fresh & relevant

Not just another boring training.

Don’t get stuck in yet another course where the instructor talks at you while you multi-task.

We take the ‘boring’ out of training with: 

Engaging Presentations

Interactive Assignments

Actionable Takeaways

Team-Based Prizes

Influential Storytelling

Storytelling techniques & presentation skills to connect with your audience.


Apply what you learn right away.

What we teach is the translation of real world, practical tools and methodologies into fun training – that directly applies to current projects, new opportunities, and impacting your company’s culture.

We find that training has the biggest impact when participants apply what they learn directly to their projects. This follows a learn-it, try-it, apply-it approach where you’ll understand new principles, practice them on test assignments, and then bring them to bear on real projects.

Collaborative Learning Environments

Our facilitation style is high energy and participatory. Online or in-person, you’ll learn cutting edge frameworks and methodologies through workshop-style activities.

Online Classes

Extended Learning - Multiple Weeks

Experience an online training that is exciting, engaging, and interactive! You’ll collaborate in real-time with the full class and participate in breakout sessions in smaller groups.  We integrate a variety of quick-to-learn tools to make our workshops fun.

In-Person Classes

Short Sprints - typically ½-day to 2-day sessions

Onsite courses are a highly collaborative team effort, in any location. While we can facilitate these classes at the office, we recommend holding the sessions ‘off-site’ for a stimulating, distraction-free environment. Just let us know where, and we’ll bring the roadshow to you!

See us in action,

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Think of your favorite bonfire.

It’s a place where people come together to connect, share their stories, and build ideas. We are incredibly excited to create this type of connection with you; to share the tools, methodologies, and thought leadership we have used to deliver success in innovation.

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